The Crew

We're a small, remote team with a very ambitious mission.
We believe everyone should be able to build and ship their ideas without having to waste time struggling with inefficient tools.
We want to create a set of interlinked tools and platforms that focus on minimizing the friction from idea to execution.


I'm solving my own problems. I hated that for webdev I was using the same browser that my grandma is using for shopping. I wanted a browser made *specifically* made for developers, so here we are.

Praneet Rohida

Founding Engineer
I fight all the technical battles to bring you new exciting Sizzy features.

Marija Ristovska

Quality Control
Customer Relations Manager
If there's a bug anywhere, I'm the one to hunt it down. I also make sure our users get the support they need.


I make sure my bark is heard during the team meetings. I don't really understand what everyone is doing, but I'm happy to be here.


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