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Before Sizzy: web development is stressing you out, responsive design is hard, you have an overwhelming amount of opened tabs and apps.
After Sizzy: all the tools you need are in one place, responsive design is a breeze, no more context switching.
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Why does every professional get a specialized tool, but not web developers?

Video editors
Adobe Premiere
Game Developers
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Music producers
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3Ds Max
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Web Developers

The missing tool that web developers were waiting for

Save Testing Time

You can test your websites on multiple devices under multiple conditions in parallel. A set of well-thought tools and features allow you to develop and test for all use-cases without having to manually simulate them in a regular browser.

Recently migrated a site from global sass to css modules and just having the current production page and the development one next to each other with click & scroll sync is seriously a killer feature within @sizzyapp. Can really recommend it!
Tim (@cstrnt)
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Better Ways to Investigate Visual Bugs

CSS bugs are hard to deal with. We get it. Sizzy comes with a bunch of new ways to investigate and play around with the styles of your webpage, saving you a lot of time and frustration.

As a UX/UI Designer Sizzy helps me test the designs I receive from developers and save time testing on different layouts/screen sizes. Also, I can experiment with html/css directly and get back with very specific feedback to them.
Manolis Papadakis, Software Engineer at NVIDIA
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Pretty Presentations

With Sizzy's highly customizable beautiful layouts and comprehensive screenshot and recording features, your design presentations will never look ugly.

Sizzy is a powerful selling tool. When we have a prospect who doesn't have a responsive site, when we show them their site on Sizzy, they are impressed and we look even more professional.
Eric Dingler, Owner @ In Transit Studios
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Smooth Context Switching

Every project requires a slightly different development setup. We understand the pain of context-switching when you are working on multiple projects. Sizzy makes this switch as seamless and intuitive as possible. All your data and configuration is saved with your project so you can pick up where you left off.

I use Sizzy to develop all my apps. Love projects feature, because I always have to switch between 3-4 projects. I enjoy overlay DevTools mode it helps me to easily debug my apps.
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A Modern Workflow

Sizzy is for browsers what modern CI/CD is for deploying sites via FTP. Once you try Sizzy, you can never go back to using regular browsers for development.

It’s the bread to my web dev butter. I won’t shut up about it. I’m happy to show it off. I paid for it monthly when I had no job. It sped up how much ground I could cover for different devices compared to chrome dev tools.
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We're working hard to make Sizzy the best developer toolkit ever

shipped features

Secure & up to date

We make sure that Sizzy is always up to date with the latest Electron and Chromium versions.

Privacy first

We don't care about your localhost URLs. We don't store any of your history, even locally.

Actively maintained

The commits speak for themselves. We're squashing bugs and releasing new features almost every week.

Still not convinced?

Don't worry, Sizzy has a dark theme too.
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